Monthly Archives: November 2016

Aussies suffering a potato shortage

Australia is looking at a potato shortage due to floods cleaning out crops across the country and wet ground making it near impossible to plant more potatoes, meaning consumers will have to pay a small fortune for the starchy vegetable until at least February. It’s not good news coming into barbecue season, with potato salads and potato bakes likely to be off the menu and hipsters may also need to give up their weekend potato rosti. READ MORE

Healthy prices predicted for coming onion season

ONION growers could be looking at improved returns for the coming growing season. With the looming Australian onion season, Onions Australia reports dwindling supplies are expected to nudge farmgate prices up to levels not seen since 2010. The majority of the southern Australian long-day onion crops were all harvested by mid-May. The Northern Territory and Queensland will kick off the new domestic onion season within weeks. READ MORE