Fresh Cut Vegetables

VegPro4 Fresh Cut Vegetables

VegPro4 provides fresh cut vegetables in different variants ideal for the food service and food manufacturing industry.

Fresh Cut Vegetables

Do you need fresh cut vegetables in bulk or bags? Then VegPro4 can give you just what you need. Whether it has to be cut, crinkle cut, diced, sliced or something customised, we can pre-prepare any type of vegetable that will be ready for use as soon as delivered. Just unpack them and you’re all set for preparing and cooking.

The processing will depend on your requirements so it’s certain that you’ll be getting the right products for your food preparation needs. End products can be whole peeled, cut in portions or sliced in various sizes that you specify. The fresh cut vegetables are then packaged in bulk, 5 kg or 10 kg bags and are sealed to ensure freshness even when kept in storage.

Benefits of Using Fresh Cut Vegetables

Quality Products

In the food service and food manufacturing industry, it is important that your final product passes the standards set by the industry and appeals to the taste of the consumers. We understand this and, thus, we keep a tight quality check in place to make sure that our processed vegetables and services will meet your needs and surpass your expectations.

Save Time and Cost

Using processed vegetables will save you time, but you already know that. And whilst many think that ordering pre-prepared products to be used in restaurants, hotels, or other services and institutions will incur more expenses, it actually comes out cheaper simply because it reduces the pre-preparation workload and lets you focus on delivering to your consumers. The faster you can deliver, the more deliveries you can make, which results to becoming more productive and profitable.

So if you’re interested in using high-standard fresh cut vegetables, you may contact us for more information on our product range and to get the customised service you want.

So contact us today to see what VegPro4 can do for you.