Julienne and Baton Vegetables

Juliennes and Batons

You can receive your vegetables sliced in stick sizes and ready for use. For any dish type you’re going to prepare, whether in large or small quantities, our uniformly and finely sliced julienne and baton veggies will make your preparation faster and more convenient. Why make the effort of having to slice each piece when you can just unpack them, throw it in the pot, toss it in the salad bowl or start frying?

It definitely leaves you more time for other kitchen work. Faster labour equals to more tasks done. Above all, the food quality is always retained as our vegetables are always delivered fresh and on time.

And because we are using human-operated vegetable slicers, the products come out just as great as you want them to be. Each vegetable is checked for grade and quality before and after being processed, so you can trust that you are getting products that match your standards and that’s perfect for your requirements.
Julienne and baton vegetables are appropriately packaged and sealed to ensure lasting quality whether you plan to use it immediately or keep it for storing. The vegetables are packaged according to their cut sizes for convenient use.

Julienne and Baton Vegetables from VegPro4

Whenever you need a hand for your culinary products, fresh julienne and baton vegetables from VegPro4 can help you get the task done quickly and deliciously.

Vegetable Sizes

The most common vegetables we julienne or baton are carrots and zucchini, which are typically used in cooking stir fry and certain types of mixed and coleslaw salad recipes. Julienne and baton sizes may vary according to customer’s request. All you need to do is let us know your product specifications and we’ll get it done and delivered right at your doorstep within the time range that you require.

If you need to know more about our processed vegetables or would like to enquire about specific products and options, you can call VegPro4 for more details.

So contact us today to see what VegPro4 can do for you.