Processed Vegetable Products

What We’ll Give You

Washed, peeled and cut vegetables ready to be cooked and served. That’s what you’ll get from VegPro4.

No matter how huge your needs are, everything will be pre-prepared for your convenience. With the state-of-the-art vegetable preparation equipment and spacious processing plant, we are able to deliver cut vegetables in large quantities without sacrificing the product freshness and quality.

The vegetables are locally-grown in a farm fully-owned by VegPro4 so you can be certain that you will be given only the finest products, no matter which product range you require. You can be confident that each cut and slice of the vegetables will add to the excellence of your final product.

VegPro4 Vegetable Product Range

Need quality processed vegetables for your business? Find out here what products VegPro4 can offer you.

Our Vegetables

Make use of the whole-peeled products ready for cutting, cooking, or store it for another day’s recipe. The washed potatoes will be perfect for preparing fish and chips, whilst the sliced and diced crispy vegetables will make your salads more appetising. If you need carrots, onions, broccolis, leeks and cabbages for your entrées, you can have them halved, crinkle-cut, shredded or chopped.

We can also provide cauliflower florets, capsicum strips, tailed and topped beans, pumpkin portions, coined zucchini, pureed beetroot, sautéed onion, carrot juliennes and batons, and ready for roasting sweet potato. Should you have other product requirements, we can easily tailor our services for your needs.

Quality Assured

The vegetable processes are supervised by a team of well-trained staff that ensures all products pass consumer standards before they are cleared for delivery and before the trucks leave our facility. This guarantees both VegPro4 and its customers that, through a quality assurance check, all vegetables to be delivered meet the client’s requirements.

Ready to order your processed vegetables? Have an enquiry about the product range we offer? You can contact us for questions and information about we can help your food business grow.

So contact us today to see what VegPro4 can do for you.