Whole Peeled Vegetables

Which Vegetables?

Whole peeled vegetables that we can provide and are commonly requested by customers include:

  • Potato
    Bake them whole, cut them thin for chips, or dice them for your main course.
  • Sweet Potato
    Add sweet potatoes to entrées and appetisers, soup or even desserts.
  • Carrot
    Squeeze them to make carrot juices, slice them thin for noodle recipes, or combine with salads.
  • Onion
    Just a few slices and you can fry some onion rings, dice them to be used as wrap fillings or add them in burgers.
  • Beetroot
    Yes, you can make glazed beetroot, add it in your risotto recipe or turn it into an appetiser all using whole peeled beets.

But this is only a small list. We can whole peel any vegetable group at our customers’ request.

Each vegetable is carefully graded and the packaging ensures that you can always keep them fresh and crispy whether you use them right away or shelf for future use.

If you need other product requirements for whole-peeling, drop us a call so we can discuss how VegPro4 can cater to your needs.

Quality Whole Peeled Vegetables

Need whole peeled vegetables in bulk that you can keep fresh for days? Go for VegPro4’s whole peeled vegetables to avoid waste and save more.

Whole Peeled Vegetables

If you are in the food industry and require bulk quantities of vegetables for various uses, our whole peeled products will be useful for your needs. Whether you’re operating a restaurant, café or an institution with bulk needs for processed vegetables, VegPro4 can make the task lighter for you.

Our fine choices of whole peeled vegetables are ready for slicing, dicing, mincing or any cut that will suit your final product. The whole peeled vegetables are best for those who have a changing menu where your needs may vary on a regular basis. It can also come in handy if you need several cut types but only in small quantities.

With whole peeled vegetables, you won’t have to spend on processed vegetables that may not be used for a certain period and might just end up in waste. Instead, you can just store the peeled products and cut them according to your needs, whenever you need them. This saves you money, time and effort since you won’t have to do the skinning.

So contact us today to see what VegPro4 can do for you.