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Farm-fresh carrots expertly prepared for you.

At Vegpro4, we are dedicated to sourcing the finest quality wholesale processed carrots from local farms known for their rich, sweet flavour and vibrant colour. These carefully selected carrots undergo strict quality control to ensure that only the best make it to your plate. Every step is carefully managed to preserve our carrots’ natural goodness and nutritional value.

When you choose Vegpro4, you’re not just getting carrots; you’re bringing the essence of farm-fresh goodness to your customers’ tables.

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Our Products

At Vegpro4, we provide various high-quality carrot products tailored to our customers’ needs. Check out our wide selection of tasty and nutritious options to add a fresh twist to your menu.

Whole Peeled Carrots

Our whole peeled carrots are selected for their freshness and size and stored correctly to preserve their natural taste and nutritional value.

Carrot Slices / Coins

Ideal for quick meals and convenience, our diced carrots are cut to perfection, ensuring they are ready for whatever dish you’re preparing.


Ideal for quick meals and convenience, our diced carrots are cut to perfection, ensuring they are ready for whatever dish you’re preparing.

Julienne Carrots

Our Julienne carrots are cut into thin strips and are perfect for adding a pop of color and texture to your dishes. They are ideal for salads, garnishes, or stir-fries and are a favorite in professional kitchens due to their consistent cooking.

Need a custom size?

VegPro4 can provide custom sizes and shapes tailored to meet the unique needs of your restaurant or catering service. Please get in touch with our team to discuss your specific requirements.

Precision Carrot Processing

We operate with abrasive and knife-peeled systems for peeling, tailoring it to your specific requirements. Our automated processing lines are designed to uphold temperature, hygiene and sanitisation to ensure the highest standards of HACCP.

First time buying processed produce?

Talk to our friendly VegPro4 team and we can help you increase efficiency in your kitchen. We take the hassle and effort out of preparation.

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Why choose our carrots?

Culinary Convenience

With our fresh products, chefs and caterers can bypass the peeling and chopping, saving valuable prep time and minimising waste. Our bulk orders offer convenience and versatility, catering to large-scale operations with ease.​

Culinary Uses

Carrots are an incredibly versatile ingredient in professional kitchens, enhancing any dish's flavour and nutritional value. Ideal for various culinary applications, their natural sweetness and robust texture make them indispensable for creating everything from rich, savoury entrees to light, vibrant side dishes. As a staple in restaurant menus, carrots contribute depth and appeal to various dishes, helping chefs deliver taste and health benefits to their customers.

Precision Peeling Systems

Vegpro4 uses both abrasive and knife-peeling systems to meet customer specifications with precision. The decision on which peeling method to use depends on how the final product looks and feels. Our abrasive peeling system gently removes the skin, maintaining the carrot’s integrity, ideal for a rustic look.

Abrasive Peeling System

Our abrasive peeling system is designed to maintain the carrot's integrity, providing a rustic look that is perfect for certain presentations.

Knife-Peeling System

Our knife-peeling system offers a more precise and clean cut, ideal for products where uniformity and presentation are critical.

Automated Processing Lines

Using automated processing lines, we ensure the highest hygiene standards are maintained throughout the peeling process, guaranteeing that the carrots retain their nutritional value and taste regardless of the cut.

Why businesses & Fast-Moving Consumer Goods buy carrots from VegPro4

Temperature Control

Our modern facility keeps carrots fresh from harvest to packaging, preserving their quality and nutrition.

Efficient Packaging

Carrots come in 10kg sealed bags for easy storage, maintaining freshness and aiding client inventory management.

Consistent Quality

Each batch of our fresh produce undergoes strict quality control, ensuring that you receive a product consistent in taste and nutritional value.

Year-Round Availability

Vegpro4's carrots are available throughout the year, ensuring you're never without this essential ingredient.


Our carrots are pre-peeled and cut, ready to be used straight out of the pack. We are saving you significant time and labour in preparation.

Reduced Waste

Buying in bulk and using only what you need minimises food waste, an important aspect of cost-effective kitchen management.

Financial Savings

Buying in bulk allows you to manage your budget more effectively without compromising quality.

Perfect for all types of cooking

Our wide range of customers, from hospitality to healthcare sectors, enjoy the top-notch quality of our premium carrots. They’re famous for their fresh produce and versatility in dishes.

Ordering Information

Our carrots are packaged in sturdy 10kg sealed bags, making handling and storage straightforward for our customers. We maintain a temperature-controlled processing environment to ensure our processed vegetables meet HACCP safety standards.

For bulk order options and pricing, please reach out via our contact page. Our customer service team is ready to assist you with enquiries and facilitate your orders seamlessly.

Prefer the phone? (07) 5463 0288

Frequently asked questions

Your wholesale carrot questions answered

Yes, we offer the flexibility of mixing your order to include various types of carrots. There’s a minimum order quantity of each kind, so please get in touch with our sales team for more information.

Yes, we provide samples to potential buyers so they can assess the quality of our products firsthand. Please get in touch with our sales department to request a sample.

We stand by the quality of our carrots. If you’re unsatisfied with your order, please notify us within 48 hours of receipt with detailed reasons for the return request. We’ll work with you to address the issue, which may include a replacement or a refund, subject to terms and conditions.

Absolutely! We understand that different culinary creations require specific carrot cuts. Vegpro4 offers a range of cutting options, including sizes tailored to meet the unique needs of your production needs. Please get in touch with our sales team to discuss your specific requirements and how we can best accommodate them.

Our commitment to delivering fresh products is important. We use refrigerated transport solutions to maintain optimal temperatures from the farm to your location. Each shipment is carefully monitored for temperature consistency, ensuring the carrots arrive pristine and washed ready for kitchen use.

Fresh-cut produce, every day.

Ready to elevate your culinary offerings with our premium wholesale carrots?

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